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where the *!&$ is tuktoyaktuk

was the phrase on a little kid's t-shirt that I saw yesterday. Golden. And okay, did you know, that driving along hwy 23 west, you will find provincial roads 240, 244, and 242, in that order? The confusion kinda adds an hour to your (my) driving time. Getting up at 5:30 is doing things to my mind.

alright so being captian geography over here i gotta let you know that tuktoyaktuk is a town/village in nunavut... yes geography is my major....

yes, i know where tuktoyaktuk is. there was a map on the shirt. i want it.

that reminds me of mr. unger's geo class.... "TUK...TOY...YUK...TUK" does anyone else remember that little game? i thought it was fun!

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