Tuesday, May 25

Guess I don't have to worry about being homesick
So I finally check my email after 5 or so days, expecting at least two emails from home...oh well...three cheers for Holly for thinking of me. But anyway....things here are good, very good actually. We (now) wake up at about 5 AM (sounds worse that it is) and eat breakfast at 6...the guests come in for 7 and eat breakfast then. After cleaning up and stuff. I usually head to the office, where I've been releaved of cabin duty (I like to think it's because of my computer skills and a bit of blessing, not just dumb awesome luck) anyway I just do monotonous stuff up here...really straightforward. Today I waitressed for the first time and tonight it's a crowd twice the size! It's a little crazy, but we don't have a menu or anything, it's just like 'lemonade or iced tea'...oh yeah I forgot to mention..every morning when we get up...we don't have any water, and it's freeeeezing outside. but more on that later...i've spent waaaay too much time online...laters!!

Wednesday, May 19

so this is...
Well, this might be it for a while, I guess. I'll definetly limit my internet to email and university stuff. So, if you want to hear from me, please email. Or write me. That would be cool. But for now, I bid you adeiu.

Credits to Holly ;)
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Yeah this was May 11. Sick, hey?

Tuesday, May 18

it gets less and less good each time
To make a short story short....I won't be leaving til Friday. Too bad everyone said their pretentious goodbyes today (i'm talking about family). So hopefully I can just quietly leave on Friday, with no one noticing. I've gotten some really awesome going-away/birthday gifts though. I like being thought of :) And I was basically packed up already. I think I'm an over-packer...I have two suitcases, one bag(that I usually use for going away) a garbage bag for shoes (two pairs of boots, two sandals, two sneakers, and one pair of pumps) and blankets and pillows.

I just feel...I don't even know anymore.

Monday, May 17

wooo! new digital camera!
My latest efforts: Heidi
Heidi again
Heidi once more
and Emmy twice.

Oh and I think I've decided to become an elementary school teacher. I think :)

Sunday, May 16

I am at a huge crossroads. I need to know what I'll be doing next year, now! I need to plan out my timetable tomorrow, and I need for it to all work out. Why won't it all work out? So, what should I be when I grow up? I've considered the following professions (this is just today): Nurse, dietitian, home ec teacher, teacher, doctor, lawyer, and whatever-comes-with-a-business-degree. So I'm pretty much open to anything. I don't care if I make any money in my career, I just want to spend the rest of my live doing something I'll love. If only I could get paid to just travel around the world and relax. If only. I can't even let my self relax and tell myself that I could stay in university for as long as i wanted...I probably won't have any student loans. For some reason that doesn't comfort me. I think I'm afraid of getting old before I figure out what I want to do. Yes, I realize I'm only 18. Just looking through lists of careers scares me. Yikes I need help.

Wednesday, May 12

You know this is just feeding my procrastination habit
So now, I'll be leaving a week from today. Apparently there isn't any open water (for float planes to land on). I honestly wonder how they discovered that. Poor pilots. So I really have packed a scrap of anything. Bad, considering I'm basically packing up everything I own. So basically I'm lazing around waiting for things to happen to me. Um, I went out for coffee with my aunt and cousin today. Tomorrow I'm seeing New York Minute with Linds (Did I just admit that!?) Friday I'm going to the city (cross your fingers...it's supposed to be +14!). And on Saturday a bunch of people are going to see Troy. Hmm, I should probably call around so that nobody gets missed. Oh yes, yesterday Lori, Holly, and Meagan came over and we watched Love Actually, and Three to Tango. I love English actors. *sigh* It's just like in the movie when Colin goes to America, and even though he's bleeding ugly, he gets all these American girls. I'm like that, without the sex. Or any of it really.

I'm getting really sick of worrying about what to take in university. I'm at the point where I'm going to make up my schedule for next year, focused in nursing. With the intent of oneday, maybe I'll be a nurse. And maybe I'll learn to like it. But I don't feel anything about it really. I used to think about becoming a nurse and I'm get really excited, like really happy about this life I was going to have, and now...nothing. Not even dread. Nothing. So, I'll go through this and see where it takes me. I guess.

But I haven't even talked about the weather yet! A few days ago it was freezing rain, with inches of snow on the ground, at the same time it was thundering and lightening. That was an interesting morning. So that's pretty much why I haven't been able to go to the city yet this week. But anyhoosers, I'll take some pictures yet, and post them for all to see, cuz it's insane.

Sunday, May 9

Yesterday me and my parents went to the city...we went to Parent's orientation, well, they did, I went to Start@u1. Which is good, because unless you go, you can't register for classes. Good news and bad news. I now know how to plan my timetable and how to register online. Bad news...what the hell am I doing at university anyway! It crossed my helpless mind sometimes during the session yesterday...maybe I can just get married and forget this whole stupid thing...which is definitely not what I want to do. I would just be proving everyone right. Blah. But those were merely my frustrated thoughts. Marriage at this point would definitely be considered second choice, I'd be settling ( and don't you dare say 'you don't have a boyfrie-' just stop right there). Yeah so nursing is completely out, like I can't even stand the thought. Now I'm thinking Dietitian/Nutritionist, which does involve some science and math, but I figure I can handle some stuff. See, my main problem is, I want to take minimal math, minimal science, and in my chosen career, work as little as possible with the general public as possible. See my problem?

So next after that I decide I want a haircut. I make the mistake of going to magicuts. *shiver* this lady walks up to me and honestly says 'what can i do for yous' [/brooklyn accent]...plus she couldn't pronounce 'r's which was funny sometimes. 'oh i'm sowwy my deaw' is what she said when accidentally combed my nose. So she doesn't wash my hair, and doesn't blow it dry. I was kinda mad, but still in a daze from university, so I really didn't care. I even tip her quite well. Anyhoo, it turned out pretty good after all. My hair I mean, nothing else.

So in the evening was people over. Notice how I didn't say party? Well, that was kind of a blur, but there was food, and there were people. Then today was the family party. The one where you actually tell people it's a birthday/going away party. I had this awful feeling about it. Then I realized. I felt really guilty. Because, these people were probably going to miss me a bit, and well, I just don't miss people, per say. I miss things, being lazy that kinda thing. And while I will miss home, i can't say I will be homesick. But of course it's been predicted for me already. Mmmhmm. I really don't miss people until they're back. D'ya know what I mean? Oh, I see someone I haven't seen for a while. And while they might've crossed my mind from time to time, it's absolute bollocks to go up to them and say..'oh i missed you sooo much' just like it's bollocks to tell me you're going to miss me. The only person who is going to miss me is my mom. i shit you not.

Anyway, this week I start making myself get up early..so early-nighters!

Friday, May 7

The One With...
I just watched the last episode of Friends. Sigh. It wasn't even that important and it was even that good. I mean...a whole plane of people evcuating because of the left filangie wasn't working? Right. But it made me so sad about leaving. Even though, it was so different. I'm a sap I guess. But no one will be running after me to stop me from leaving, which is good, cuz I wouldn't stop anyway...People at work started hugging me already. *blech* I don't like that. Not that I don't love hugs, it's just...I don't know. Ever since I started telling people about it, they've made a huge deal about it and I've never ever felt that it was that important or monumental. Now I'm starting to feel, maybe it's a little huge, and maybe even if it doesn't have tangible size, it still has, you know, life kind of changing implications for me. I just don't think I'm going to come back the same.

I also got my first 'goodbye' card today, which was kind of a shock, cuz I mean...I'm not going that far away. But it was nice and really pretty and I do appreciate the gesture.

My cousin got engaged, which is...kinda exciting I guess. I hope it all works out for her and that she's really happy.

Wednesday, May 5

Good news everybody...
My (new) boss called me at work today and I get to stay a few more days at home. Well, two to be exact, but this means I can go see Troy before I leave!! w00t! heh. I also want to see Van Helsing before I leave. I usually don't spend this much time at the theatre, but I won't be paying for movies all summer so I can look at it that way.

Weeell, I'm really devoid of words (read:emotions) right now, so see you on saturday.

Sunday, May 2

Mk, I know it's 2 AM on Sunday morning, but I just sent out the party email, and I felt like I was accomplishing things, so I felt I may as well get this out of the way as well. So I'll be working a full week this week. My last week and I'll have more hours then I've had since Christmas, or was it Easter.

Monday is my Papa's birthday. We went to the Walhalla Inn restaurant for supper today. It was....average. Didn't know why we had to leave the country for ordinary restaurant food...although...the strawberry daquiri was probably worth it. I really suck at giving gifts and all that, like, I mean picking stuff out and the like. Cuz I don't want them to not use what I bought or whatever and that's kinda tough when you live with them. I still haven't gotten my little sisters anything for their birthdays (a month ago on Wednesday)..but they just had their party yesterday.

Me n Holly saw Mean Girls on Friday. It was goood and silly. My little sister thought it was okay, but I don't think she caught the Saturday night live humor. Very funny. After that I came home and watched Big Fish which my little sisters had rented but hadn't watched because they got *eulch* the dvd Honey for their birthday. I HATE hiphop movies. BLECH!!!!!!! I just watched Bridget Jones' Diary on TV, which explains why I am still up. I really like...english movies. No one knows what I mean because I've never explained it and probably never will but, I want to live in England. Yes I do.